Hippocrates System

Mobile Prefabricated Negative Pressure Units


About us

Αxis Medical is a company, that has many years experience in constructing specialized clean rooms and health facilities. Our specialization is based on constructing operating rooms, areas of controlled pressure and hygiene, intensive care units in Greece and abroad.

IK KATSARAS is a company specialized in distribution of decorative surfaces for interior and exterior applications that fulfil the most demanding specifications of fire resistance, hygiene, antimicrobial and antibacterial protection.

Seriously concerned about:

The severity of the general situation caused by COVID-19.

The incapability to intervene in existing structures of hospitals due to COVID-19.

The imminent necessity to reduce cross contamination.

The need to break the chain of / stop uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 virus in different geographical regions.

We have jointly studied the construction of Mobile Prefabricated Negative Pressure Units with the highest possible antibacterial protection.

This study is based on the transmission of our existing technical experience and know-how in utilizing antibacterial materials for the construction of negative pressure chambers, intensive care units etc. from building structures to mobile units.

Advantages of Mobile Health Unit

Is achieved by using Abet Laminati's Lamishield panels in the interior wall cladding, doors and work surfaces of the chambers.

This action - protection is not based on pre-existing technologies of 'temporary inactivation of bacteria', but on their indefinite continuous extermination and non-reproduction.

The efficacy of HPL Lamishield panels have unlimited lifetime and do not require maintenance.

Antibacterial Protection

This new development occurred from the cooperation of Abet Laminati & BioCote who is global leader of antimicrobial technologies.

Abet Laminati’s Lamishield panels effect is concentrated on:

The result of the above is the reduction of 99.99% of bacteria according ISO 22196:2011.

Building Installation

Electromechanical installation


AHEPA University Hospital. Thessaloniki, GREECE Renovation of Angiography Department

RSUD Kepanjen Public hospital, East Java, Indonesia Operating theatres construction

ELPIDA Association – Children’s oncology unit GMP laboratory for cell and gene therapy
Embryolab Fertility Clinic Operating theatres and Laboratories renovation
Pharmaceutical Cannabis production plant – Ohrid, NMK Laboratories construction according to GMP standards

Ipokratio general hospital, Thesaloniki, Greece (SNF donation) Hemodynamic laboratory, renovation – restructuring of cardio unit – ICU and laboratories of B‘ & C’ Cardiological clinics

General Hospital Of Volos. Volos, GREECE Digital OR Construction